Disengage from the HIVE-MIND.

Release genetic drone formatting imposed on humanity through the Roman Conquest.

The people of this world are worn out. They are tired…they are exhausted from fighting to exist in a world that is controlled by real and imaginary powers that are fueled by shadows of the past.

Out of the ashes of Mount Vesuvius in Southern Italy, comes a means to release deeply rooted genetic seeds that fuel the acceptance of suppressions that have hypnotized the masses and stifled their sovereignty, personal empowerment and prosperity for thousands of years.

The Journey has already Begun!

From the hillside of Mount Vesuvius, I plan to collect thirty-three lava stones. Lava that formed these stones is the blood of Earth Gaia and carries a neutral history of Earth.

Gaia holds no grudges or judgment of humanity’s choices and experiences. She blesses these stones for our project. Her encoded keys assist the boomerang energy parameters to flow freely on the earth as they follow the threads linking to each seedbed of suppression associated with the Roman Conquest of humanity in the ancient times and now.

A Second Stone

All Roman Conquest Boomerang Participants receive an additional boomerang clearing and stone. The Cathar Boomerang stone included in this project is an extension and expansion of the transformational 2011 Cathar Boomerang. The Cather stone you receive with this project was collected from the riverbed down in the canyon below Minerve, France on July 22; the auspicious date of the first burning of the Cathars on July 22, 1210, in the Albigensian Crusade. *See more information at the end of this document.


Your Roman Conquest Boomerang Activations in Rome

Your boomerang stone will be activated three times.

  • The first activation takes place at the Arch of Titus on July 28. This auspicious date of Tish Ba Av lights a beacon of hope for all subjugated peoples of this world.
  • The second activation takes place at the archeological site of the Roman Senate on July 29. This strategic position serves to amplify our declaration of autonomy.
  • The third activation takes place at the Vatican on July 30, where we reclaim our divine right of free will.



It all started in 753BC with the dawn of the Roman Empire. In our mid tenth century the Roman Conquest took on a new fervor as an expanded version of supremacy extended its reach under the heading of the Holy Roman Empire. This surge has touched every country of our world, with a new flavor focused on the spreading of Christian dogma.

Scarcely anyone alive today is untouched by the thousands of years of Rome’s quest for domination. Whole civilizations were assimilated over those years and the seeds of vulnerability and loss of personal sovereignty were planted into the collective consciousness. That history of Rome’s stranglehold can be found in your own genetics. It could be a major factor stopping people from creating the life of their dreams

These genetic imprints activate when triggered by media commentary and the suppressive actions of governing bodies. These strictures have been shown to arbitrarily activate drone mentality and the mindless following of dictates that limit personal freedom.

Have you every wondered why governing bodies seem to have no regard for what the people want? Very few publicly speak out and many vote to keep dishonoring officials in office year after year, believing that the devil they know is better than the one they might get.

Every war, every arrest, imprisonment and new suppressive law and governing regulation that we hear about, witness or experience first hand activates the primordial genetic drone imprinting that is linked to the Roman Conquest. Perceptions and realities of being blocked, stopped or suppressed from creating a prosperous life that is free of the strangleholds of embedded genetic patterns of servitude are linked to seeds of suppression that stem from the Roman Conquest.

These patterns are repeatedly stimulated by indoctrinations that are woven into thousands of years of genetic imprinting. They are further fueled by collective consciousness beliefs that are tied to many stimulating factors; principally stemming from the Roman Conquest.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity!

Leap in Sovereignty!

For more information on the transformational boomerang clearing concept, refer to the bottom of this page.

Hold your personally encoded boomerang stone from Mount Vesuvius, Italy and your Cathar Boomerang stone from Minerve, France in your hand and activate this new SVH genetic mining tool.

This tool prepares to connect with every seat of power where the mental, physical and spiritual subjugation of humanity was directed, orchestrated or condoned. These positions are connected through a spatial grid linked to the blood of Gaia (Your Mount Vesuvius stone) that is calibrated to geographically follow the energy flow of the Roman Conquest when the grid map is lowered to Earth. Your Minerve stone will piggy-back on that grid.

Each time you activate your boomerang stones, Archangels Michael and Metetron lower the spatial grid to Earth, connecting your stones to all aspects of your genetic and soul lineage (in any timeline) that was subjected to or a party to the domination imposed by the Roman Conquest and Albigensian Crusade.

The Creator stretches a tiny filament of your aura to each pinpointed region on the grid map, where your dedicated clearing activates in timelessness. Your aura blends with the energy field of the many thousands of aspects of your genetic and soul lineage in each defined area as your sovereignty clearing and the Creator’s gift of Freedom Codes immerse you and your lineage.

In an instant the filaments of your aura are restored to your physical body and the suppression profiles and drone formatting associated with the Roman Conquest is released from the archives of your life story by the SVH reformation tools and the Creator’s mega clearing associated with the Cathar Boomerang.

These boomerangs are life transforming for you and they support the collective elevation of humanity. When you activate these two boomerang stones, you and your progeny are cleared of your genetic imprints of slavery and drone mentality that are linked to the massive embedded energy stream that has followed in the wake of thousands of years of suppression from the Roman Conquest, dating back to 753 BC.


The Clearing Payload

This Roman Conquest Boomerang is a next-stage SVH Clearing Tool that addresses soul lineage and genetic imprinting that activates drone formatting and an acceptance of personal and collective subjugation.

The clearing payload in this boomerang is dedicated to isolate and reform the deep wells of genetic suppression profiles that are even now affecting our sovereignty, autonomy and our divine right to claim innate abilities that fuel our ability to create the realities we desire….when we desire them and how we desire them to be.

We are not slaves and we are certainly not destined to be the food for cancers or victims of the cancerous rusting away of our freedom to design, define and create the realities we desire.

This boomerang is not about who is right and who is wrong or who wronged others. However, it does address thousands of years of seeds that planted the harvests of genetic slavery indoctrinations we are choosing to weed out. This weed must be pulled out by the roots in order for the new energies of elevated principles to take hold within us and in the collective consciousness.

Using a Divine Loophole we enhance the boomerang’s intricate footprint mechanisms to follow the threads of domination from the centers of power that orchestrated the conquest. These energy threads lead us to the connection points with your ancestors and soul lineage that were directly affected by the Roman Conquest and the boomerang clearing profiles isolate your genetic imprints associated with them. When the boomerang is activated by you, the Creator reforms the genetic imprints and associated formatting to disconnect any activation of your current life roles that attract, accept and allow drone mentality programming, acceptance of genocide and any less-than-light roles fueling world domination.

Creator activates a mega SVH Quantum Level Reprogramming sequence for you and all elements of the freedom codes and new elevated principles of sovereignty you receive transmit to your ancestors, progeny and soul aspects. In that very moment, you disconnect from thehive-mind ….. by releasing your genetic drone formatting that was imposed on humanity through thousands of years of Roman Conquest and the aftermath of triggers that are being used to influence the world today.

The Roman Conquest Boomerang is vitally important to the evolution of our world and our own personal advancement.

Please register for it today and also receive the Minerve Boomerang stone and clearing.

Your support helps this work continue.

In addition to registering for this awesome boomerang, please send prayers and ripples of light for this journey. This new spatial grid clearing is revolutionary and will be life transforming for us. May every element of this journey be carried on the wings of angels and invisible to conflicting energies….

Jill Marie



Minerve, Hérault, France


Minerve Info:

In 1210 a group of Cathars sought refuge in the village after the massacre at Béziers during the Albigensian Crusade. The village was besieged by Simon de Montfort, 5th Earl of Leicester. The attacking army besieged the village for six weeks before it capitulated. They set up four catapults around the fortification: three to attack the village, and the largest, Malevoisine, to attack the town's water supply. Eventually the commander of the 200-strong garrison, Viscount Guilhem of Minerve, gave in and negotiated a surrender, which saved him and the villagers, after the destruction of the town's main well. However, 140 Cathars refused to give up their faith and were burned to death at the stake beside the river in the canyon below the city on 22 July.


The transformational boomerang
clearing concept:

Boomerang stones are linked to a complex sequence of parameters using the SVH active form of prayer. When you activate a Boomerang Clearing, the rock’s aura stretches to each pinpointed spot associated with the boomerang topic and connects your auric field with the soul essence of each aspect of your soul lineage in those places. Some boomerangs are calibrated to energetically connect with the genetic lineage/your ancestors that have been specifically affected by experiences that are relevant to the sovereignty and personal evolution of boomerang recipients.

Anytime that you stand in a spot where another aspect of your soul lineage stood in any timeline of Earth’s history; in timelessness the souls unify and the essence is one. When an SVH clearing is activated in that unity, the Creator has an opportunity to release embedded formatting that is linked to your incarnation and that of those connected with the aspects of the soul lineage essence you are united with in that moment.

The soul is a pristine essence of Creator and there is no limiting program or belief that can be directly associated with that light, but the soul does store a record of the full incarnation of each aspect/life and it is that record that offers the SVH clearing you receive to take on a deeper and more profound release.

In addition to your emancipation from timeless limiting formats, the higher consciousness and soul of the aspects of your soul lineage work with the Creator to immerse the incarnated aspects with elevated principles that are transferred to them throughout the merge; including the illuminative imprints of elevated principles that you receive through the SVH clearing. This exchange has the potential to set a non-manipulative chain reaction of advancement through the full genetic and soul lineage.


Radiance Sweep:

In addition to the new SVH Spatial Grid Clearing Tool inaugurating with the Roman Conquest Boomerang, Radiance Sweep is used to identify areas of the self that are mirroring limitations reflected in collective consciousness through the living people the boomerang stone connects with in its regional sweeping parameters.

As your stone journeys through the many regions of the world associated with the Roman Conquest, The Creator activates a Radiance Sweep to touch upon every man woman and child in every timeline of human history. This process radiates Divine Light upon each of them; calling upon the masters of light and angels to help elevate their ideal.

Elements of the Radiance Sweep identify limiting perceptions, beliefs and limitations held and expressed by the people touched with the Creator’s Divine Light Radiance, as the Minerve boomerang stones and the Mount Vesuvius stones sweep through France and Italy July 26-31. The SVH Boomerang Radiance Sweep Clearing identifies your perceptions, beliefs and actions that have fueled, supported, accepted and perpetuated same or similar limitations in your life experiences and/or you helped to hold those limitations in collective consciousness. This includes indoctrinations that have rippled down and embedded into your genetics from conquests of the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire (Vatican), including caste distinction, drone mentality, hive mind, victim, victimization and victimizing energy, acceptance of domination, fear of God, fear of being punished, killed and or made to be an example, desensitization to horror, acceptance of controls, loss of personal sovereignty, release of hope and dreams, powerlessness and fears of setting firm friendly boundaries, shame, poverty mentality, fears of personal advancement, beliefs of unworthiness and indoctrinations that the trillions+ of beings that existed throughout human history fueled and supported through their actions and beliefs, which did, could or has the potential to limit your evolution to higher consciousness, sovereignty, abundance and personal empowerment.


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Together we can live free as we light up the pathways of freedom for the collective of humanity.