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Jump in to this new mini-clearing hyper-manifestation seminar called
I Can, I Can, I Can!

There are so many can'ts hardwired in to collective consciousness and our 3D realities that this mini-clearing seminar is going to make a huge impact on every participant.




Is your soul purpose outdated?

Is it limiting your prosperity
and ability to manifest?

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Read below to see how this clearing can change your life.

This trauma clearing is like nothing on Earth!

Countless individuals throughout the world have struggled their whole life, because of the things that happened to them in childhood or while in the womb and as a result of dramatic and traumatizing experiences that played out in their adult life.

Violence that was witnessed, experienced or even threatened can leave us feeling vulnerable and unsafe.

Watching someone that you love die can be a tremendous trauma, as well as the feelings of abandonment that embed as a result of relationship breakups, divorces (parents or you) and the fear of reprisals, going broke, losing your home or being cheated on.

One of the amazing things I have found in this clearing is that something like changing schools when you were a kid or being threatened or shamed can hardwire into the pain body and mental body map.

Please read more about this unique clearing discovery
and register for a personal 1-on-1 Trauma Clearing session.

1-on-1 Trauma Clearing

This clearing opportunity is for individuals that experienced trauma in their life as well as those that feel and know they are dramatically affected by physical, emotional and suppressive shame based trauma in their childhood and repeated patterns of abuse throughout the life.

This unique clearing will take approximately 1 ½ hours and is implemented in a 1-on-1 bases that allows us to explore the layers of embeds.

Registrants of a 1-on-1 Trauma Clearing receive free access to participate in the Group Trauma Clearing Opportunity . When a 1-on-1 trauma clearing participant participates in the Group Trauma Clearing, they have an opportunity to add remembered traumas to their previous clearing and receive that priceless bigger clearing profile offered that encompasses the masterfile of millions of traumas that are sure to unearth latent or benign embeds from real or perceived traumas.

Register and then schedule your Trauma Clearing.


1-on-1 individual Trauma Clearing
Free access to the upcoming
Group Trauma Clearing

The new SVH Trauma Clearing is changing lives. This clearing takes between 1 – 1 ½ hours to implement and addresses emotional, mental and physical traumas you have actually experienced or feared happening. Using this new system, the energy of these old events is dealt with in a very unique way (in the past) during the body's 3-day phase where the energy of a real or imagined experience sets in.

During this phase, the trauma is integrated and to some extent hard wired in to the pain body and the mental body map. These maps become part of physical, mental and sensory feedback loops that stem from imprints of old experiences when same or similar sights, smells and circumstances present, or something as benign as someone that was a part of that story thinking of you, which you can pick up on at an subconscious level.

There are more than 84,000 steps and stages implemented in this new clearing method, which were inspired by the concept of the forgetting drug, Propranolol. (This new method cracks in to a critical three day window where traumas about money, food, physical violence, molestation, abandonments, fears, shames, shocks, turmoil and humiliations, illness, deaths/grief, PTSD and other known or unknown traumas can be addressed in a very unique way that works to free the body, mind and energy presence. Freedom from those energies and a new base to build life upon is the big payoff.)

Currently I have no means of teaching this method, so I am the only one doing the SVH Trauma Clearing. Though I am utilizing SVH Level 3 & Level 3 Mastery tools, there are so many steps involved and this clearing is unique to each person, which makes it a bit difficult to teach. For that reason, if you are interested in this Trauma Shock Absorber Clearing, please contact me to set up a session.

It is amazing how this system works for people that seem to have a fairly trauma-free life, so this clearing is not exclusive to people with nightmare childhoods and bad marriages. You will be surprised how much trauma is written into the pain body and the mental body map from observing a parental argument about money. That trauma can be influencing your financial story and limiting your attainment of life goals. Issues in childhood and puberty can influence intimacy, safety and sovereignty the whole life. This clearing changes the story in a different way than any of our other SVH tools and traumas that occurred before offspring benefit our progeny extraordinarily.


Common Childhood Traumas:

  • Threats of corporal punishment
  • Fear of being punished
  • Beatings and spankings
  • Being shouted at or hearing parents fight
  • Parents separating or divorcing
  • Death of a loved one
  • Watching someone die from a prolonged illness
  • Fear of Authority Figures (police, school principles, teachers, parents and relatives)
  • Being bullied
  • Rape and molestation and fears about them
  • Illness, accidents, broken bones and other damages to the body
  • Getting burned
  • Surgery and dental trauma
  • The walk-in experience
  • Physical and emotional abandonment

Common Adult Traumas:

  • Being robbed, cheated, tricked or lied about
  • Fear of being attacked or raped
  • Accidents and injuries
  • Fear of cancer and other diseases
  • Looking in the mirror and seeing that you area aging
  • House fire
  • Tax audit

Symptoms of Traumatic Stress Disorder for those grievously traumatized:

  • Overreaction to minor stress
  • Sleep disorders
  • Sense of defilement or stigma
  • Nightmares
  • State of fight or flight
  • Extreme mood swings
  • High risk behaviors
  • Shame, guilt and blame Panic attacks
  • Uncontrollable crying
  • Uncontrollable rages
  • Eating disorders
  • Suicidal feelings
  • Self mutilation
  • Somatic pain
  • Terror
  • Addictions (alcohol, drugs, sex)


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There are three trans-channeled teachings; one from each of the masters. The first of these teachings is to be received in Lourdes, France from Mother Mary this coming weekend, during the solstice. That is why your immediate decision about this project is important. Though you can always get the boomerang later. It is more fun to be in the flow of each of the teachings on the energy day it is happening.


Support your child's soul purpose
from their first spark of life. 

Help your biological mother
do the same for you.

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Claim Your Ancient Heritage

Claim Innate Abilities

Master and Direct Energy to Create
the Life of Your Dreams!

This boomerang links your energy body with your ancient genetic and soul lineage in the moments of their ascension.

Don't miss this boomerang for anything! It spans all of the timelines of Earth, touching upon the very roots of your genetic and soul lineage connections to Lemuria, Mu , Atlantis and even the Ancient Mastery Schools of Earth that predated the dawn of humanity.

This timely boomerang is dedicated to personal empowerment, conscious elevation and the further development of your innate abilities; it is an ultimate ascension tool.

Your Boomerang enlightenment connections and clearing potentials begin at Machu Pichu on 12-12-12, where I collect the first of two stones. The second stone will be obtained on Easter Island on the auspicious date of 12-21-12.

Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley , Lake Titicaca and Easter Island are important energy centers your stone will interface; connected through an intricate lattice of Earth matrices and energy sites that act as power nodes. These nodes are elements of Gaia's chakras and are integral to the current elevation of the planet. Easter Island is one of the most powerful of these energy centers; second only to the pyramidal triadium of Giza in Egypt .

At Lake Titicaca your stone interfaces the hub of an energy vortex that effectively links to all forty-seven ascended master temples of Earth. In that union the stones are instilled with a blessing from every ascended master of Earth in a timeless immersion that activates each time you hold your boomerang stones and initiate their link with Metatron's crystalline spatial grid parameters.

Activating your Lemurian Enlightenment Boomerang once a week or even every day takes two seconds and maximizes your graceful elevation to heightened states of conscious awareness, by progressively seeding the foundations of ascension into the very heart of your being.

Another important value of this boomerang is linking to your lineage imprint of the utopian Lemurian civilization. Though many opinions about Lemuria and Atlantis abound, the true nature of both of these cultures was exemplified by their purity of thought, word and action.

The difference in ascension styles of these two cultures was defined by personal choice. Lemurians ascended to light bodies like Jesus and Germain, whereas a large contingent of ready Atlantians elevated to achieve supreme embodied enlightenment as they continued their incarnation, advancing to heightened states of consciousness awareness within the dimensional planes of Earth.

The Journey of Your Stones

The journey of your stones encompasses regions of ancient Lemuria, with strong connections to Atlantis and several ancient mastery school academies, where non-dual galactic masters like Sananda, Kathumi and Metatron…and millions of others experienced the excitement of light-resistance challenge in their personal advancement training in Earth's 3D dual plane reality.

When the boomerang stones are activated by you, the Creator links a thread of your ethereal body to the matrix of the Archangel Metatron crystalline boomerang grid that was developed for the Roman Conquest Boomerang. This grid is one of the most powerful innovations of our time .

In timelessness, the thread of your aura rides Metatron's grids to pinpointed positions on Earth where incorruptible Lemurian, Atlantian and master aspects of your soul and genetic lineages existed in time and ascended.

The purpose of this connection is for the Creator to energetically link your pristine soul essence with aspects of your soul and genetic lineages, in the moments of their ascension .

Some of these individuals ascended to experience the next levels of personal advancement in energy bodies and others ascended to heightened states of conscious awareness that supported advancements to the higher earth dimensions of 6D and beyond. Through the Creator's timely blending procedure, these genetic and soul lineage aspects show you paths leading to your own ascension; their ascension vibrations assist to spike your inner radiance.

This boomerang activates a massive clearing profile; allowing your higher consciousness and soul to identify and reformat limitations deeply embedded into your genetic and current life formatting.

In the Creator's Divine Immersion , a divine loophole allows your higher consciousness and soul to easily identify formatting that blocks you from attaining highest levels of clarity, focus and your physical ascension to the plains of sixth dimensional consciousness and higher…and or your ultimate ascension to energy.

Each time you activate your boomerang stones , Archangels Michael and Metetron lower the crystalline spatial grid to Earth, using your stones as a catalyst for activating your auric thread linking to all incorruptible Lemurian, Atlantian and mastery school initiate aspects of your genetic and soul lineage (in any timeline).

Your auric thread timelessly link with these genetic and soul aspects and light the way for you to meet the destiny you planned for this time in the elevation of Earth and the collective transformation of all sentience and sentient beings.

This is such an exciting opportunity for anyone interested in ascension. The time for me to collect your Machu Pichu stone is on 12-12-12. I will collect enough stones for registered boomerang participants and a few extra, so if you are interested in this master leaping elevation to heightened states of conscious awareness please register right away.

Your genetic and soul lineage of Lemurian and Atlantian masters offer you keys to elevating within the new energies of Earth's evolving presence. Make this a holiday gift to you.




Disengage from the HIVE-MIND.

Release genetic drone formatting imposed on humanity through the Roman Conquest.

The people of this world are worn out. They are tired…they are exhausted from fighting to exist in a world that is controlled by real and imaginary powers that are fueled by shadows of the past.

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