Prepare to leap in sovereignty and mastery.

Release the Fear.

From the medieval fortress of Montségur in the Midi- Pyrénées Region of France, we begin the journey of your ancient stone fragment. It travels on the Cathar Trail to areas that are dedicated to isolate and neutralize the threads of ancient suppression profiles linked to your genetic and soul lineage experiences of being the oppressor and the oppressed.

This healing procedure addresses the Cathar genocide, releasing the seeds and foundations of fear that are associated with being hunted, tortured and exterminated.

If you have experienced unprovoked inner-fears of being hunted, dread of being found or found out and don’t feel safe, this healing profile is what you have been praying for.

Your stone fragment begins to mark the energy placements of your ancestors and past life aspects at the medieval fortress of Montségur and then moves on to historical placements associated with the atrocities. It is our intention to connect with the energy of all aspects of the genetic and soul lineage that were perpetrators of the atrocities, victims and survivors, as well as those that were affected through the imprint of this suppression that is held in collective consciousness. It is especially important to connect with those that escaped and lived on in hiding; carrying the burden of shame for surviving.

From the song of the crusades: “Any castle which resists, any stubborn town shall be taken by force and reduced to a charnel-house. That no living being should be left, even new-born babies. Thus shall be sown healthy fear and no longer shall anyone dare to defy the Cross of God.” This World Team Mission is a life transforming opportunity for you that sends a ripple through the Languedoc to heal the collective imprints of suppression and powerlessness set into the land from the crusade’s oppression of the Cathars.

The life freeing profiles you receive in this Boomerang Clearing are priceless. Huge resources of embedded suppression are released when you hold your stone fragment from Montségur and activate the boomerang. The Creator stretches a thread of your aura to each of the placements where your genetic and past life aspects were affected. This clearing is implemented by the Creator in your physical placement and in each of the spots linked by the stone’s energy marker. Prepare to leap in sovereignty and mastery as this innovative SVH tool deactivates limiting past energy links to these travesties. In addition to stabilizing your life foundation, this clearing supports enhanced sovereignty and freedom from suppression energies that are associated with genetic and soul lineage experiences that adversely influence your perceptions of safety and wellbeing.

Your stone is posted to you on November 29th, flying to you on the wings of angels to ignite master elements that support abundance, personal empowerment and sovereignty.

Donation to Serenity Ministries: $111 USD.