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In this telecast you will receive insights and advanced clearing mechanisms that will be divinely inspired to assist you and your partner to soar to new heights of intimacy and expression as you align with mastery principles that support human divine union and an open communication that can override the old paradigms that rigidly defined the roles of partnership and intimacy.

This telecast is not about sex, it is about reaching a deeper connection that moves beyond the physical, to a union that is divine.

If you are in the process of attracting a divine mate or your current partner will no be participating in this telecast, you may connect with an energetic surrogate of your beloved one or the divine mate that is drawing to you.

*Please review the three previous telecasts in this relationship series to prepare for your transformational guided alliance with the heart and soul of your divine ideal mate.

Please review the previous channeled telecasts to prepare for this liberating session and practice ancient breathing. If you have the Cosmic Awareness Blend and Chakra Alignment Mist, please have them ready, because you can use these blessed tools to enhance and sustain the vibrational shifts that will lift you to new heights of intimacy as you and your mate link in a cosmic union that will move beyond the physical.


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