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Harmonize Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Each day it is important for us to claim sacred time that we call our own. The truth is that every element of the progression of time ticking through your day is yours to claim and define.

Spouses, jobs, children and projects seem to be the owners of whole sections of our time. In fact, one of the most common phrases we hear is, “I don’t have time.”

For some reason we have segmented the time it takes to complete specific tasks into dedicated sections of time that belong to the tasks rather than to us. The time it takes to drive to the grocery store, shop and even put the food away belongs to the task, rather than those events unfolding within the range of our many hours of the day.

We can stop rushing around trying to save time. There is plenty of time to do all that we desire. We can stretch it, compress it and we can even waste it if we want. It belongs to us.

It’s time to reclaim the twenty-four hours in each day. Time may be an illusion and it may be compressed to a fraction of its former expanse, but it is yours. You can start by redefining the time you spend on tasks and work and the busy-ness of life; choosing that every minute is yours. Bosses, clients and tasks don’t own your time, you do.

Three Minutes

Dedicating three minutes each day, solely to harmonize and balance your mind, body, spirit connection is a great way to reclaim your time.

The following SVH Trigger Process and 3 minute exercise is a delicious way to restore your harmony and open up time to fit you, rather than you fit time.


SVH Level 1 Master Practitioner Trigger Process: Three Minute Break

  • Each time you think the words Three Minute Break, with the intention to activate the trigger, the Creator initiates an eleven minute instillation of the radiance of Divine Light and ignites sacred harmony encodements in your auric field, to balance the mind, body, spirit connection.
  • The Creator activates a comprehensive clearing to reformat all that has the potential to limit your openness to the possibilities that can occur within an expansion of time that fits you and the ideal realities you are choosing to experience.

To activate this trigger for your use, imagine that a screen is floating before you. This process is loaded onto the screen and is ready for the Creator to implement.
Silently ask the Creator if it is in divine alignment for the Creator to activate this trigger. When you get an affirmative sense or knowing, think, YES.

When you have activated this process it is ready to be triggered with words Three Minute Break.

The Three Minute Break

Find a place where you won’t be disturbed for at least three minutes. Activate this meditation’s accompanying trigger process by thinking the words, Three Minute Break.

Begin by taking three deep cleansing breaths through your nose, exhaling slowly through your mouth.

Close your eyes and imagine or see a shaft of divine light fully encase your physical body and auric field. Then take three deep cleansing breaths through your nose, breathing in the Creator’s Divine Light and Harmony Encodements. Each time you exhale, breath harmonizing energy outward to balance the events of your life.

Feel your chakras expand and your kundalini ignite, as the wholeness of your physical and energy bodies intake the harmony encodements and divine light as the Creator contours time to fit your ideal.

Hold the vision of your kundalini feeding and fueling your super manifestation potentials and when you are ready, complete this exercise with three deep cleansing breaths through your nose, exhaling slowly through your mouth.


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