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Relieve Stress through
Sacred Healing Radiance
with Jill Marie

My Dear Friends,

I have recorded a physical and energy body healing for you, using the SVH transformational intuitive tool called Sacred Healing Radiance .

This is not a sampling; it is a full healing experience that is dedicated to relief of physical, emotional and mental stress . This procedure is followed by a nine hour healing chamber immersion of Divine Light and the Sacred Rays.

Sacred Healing Radiance can be used to restore wellness to any area of the body and even used in plant and animal healing.

If you don't have this tool yet, I would love for you to learn how to direct Sacred Healing Radiance from the palms of your hands, but for now…bask in the radiance and feel the effects of stress melt away.

Use this recording over and over again with amazing results.

While you listen, I apply this method as your higher consciousness and soul and the Creator work hand in hand with Archangels Michael and Metatron , using an intuitive energy the Creator calls Sacred Healing Radiance.

In this healing the sentient radiance is intuitive, working with your higher consciousness and soul and your physical body sentience to identify areas of the physical and energy bodies affected by stress. Transformational reformatting sequences are applied by the Creator, using the SVH Tool Quantum Level Reprogramming, to release old patterns and the seeds and foundations of unbalanced energies that fueled the stress.

Sacred Healing Radiance is comprised of Sacred Rays, Divine Light and all of the colors, tones and resonance of the Sacred Geometries and their vibrational Hues. The radiance is intuitive, so in this healing it automatically flows to every area of the body that is affected by stress or is holding stress.

If the topic of our session today was dedicated to address a specific physical body issue, the radiance would intuitively draw its healing essence to the areas of concern and all supporting organs and systems affected by that imbalance.

I selected stress for the issue addressed in this healing, because stress is a major catalyst for disease, disorder and physical body dysfunction and it limits clarity, focus and joyfulness.


Many blessings,





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