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Golden orbs of the vibrational essence of this transcendental blend immerse the sentience of your physical and energy bodies. These pristine vibrations unify formation tones within the sentience of the bodies, as codes of light within the blend systematically pierce the seal on primordial ciphers within dormant master genes. Continued stimulation of these master genes support heightened awareness that hasten your evolution to higher consciousness.

Once applied, the blending of harmonic frequencies and tones carried on the Lourdes Water and vibrational oils reverberate sacred angelic tones throughout the wholeness of you for eleven hours.

Suggested Use: Massage a dab of the Cosmic Awareness Blend into your palms and move both hands though your aura, to create a harmonic field of golden orbs. As the vibrational essence ignites its golden aura, the harmonic field of sixth dimensional energies fuel and support your alliance with master consciousness.

Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, a blend of high vibrational oils from Egypt and Hawaii, Lourdes Water and Sacred Blessings from The Creator and a host of masters and angels and guides; Saint Germaine, Sananda, Archangels Michael and Metetron, Jesus, Buddha, Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and El Morya, Kuthumi, Serapis Bey and Maitreya. This Cosmic Awareness Blend is embedded with imprints of all of the sacred names of the Creator, which have been harmoniously sung into the mixture by the Angelic Elohim.

Balanced Woman by Dwain Briggs

Balanced Woman (CD)
by Dwain Briggs


Echoes of a Modern God by Dwain Briggs

Echoes of a Modern God (CD)
by Dwain Briggs


Sweet Serenity

Radiance (CD)
by Tony Harshbarger


Heart of the Eternal Flame

Messages from the Heart (CD)
by Shoshanniah (Jan Diana)
Music by Eloiwa DeFreitas


Hear Messages from the Heart of the Divine Mother spoken and sung in her sacred language, the language of love. Feel the mothers love for you. This blessed CD will assist in bringing forth peace, joy, and harmony and in opening pathways to remembering the love that flows to you continually.