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Susaan Cheah

Susaan Cheah

P.O. Box 502
Campbelltown, NSW 2560

Tel: +61-2-4625-0035
Fax: +61-2-4626-6800


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Susaan's Teaching Schedule


July 2005

Serenity Vibration Healing®

Dates: July 16 - 19, 2005



of the Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique

Dates: July 28 - 31, 2005

CONTACT: Susaan @ +61-2-4625-0035


Mother, facilitator, investor, manager, wife and healer, nurtured from a spiritual environment steeped in Buddhism, Taoism and Christianity and now practising a spirituality, which encompasses the essence of these religions, without the attached dogmas and beliefs.

She followed closely some very clear-minded Theravadan Buddhist Sangha, mastering Vipassana meditative techniques with clear objectives of stilling the mind and being able to observe non-attachment to any phenomena. This was followed by years of tutelage and subsequently; teaching Avatar processes, fascilitating courses in programming and reprogramming belief systems to effectively discreate and create a life as a masterful creator. Walking her talk, she has applied with great success these techniques in creating abundance in all aspects of her life.

In 1995, she was introduced to Ascension Meditation, and this rapidly awakened into a deeply felt connection with the Ascended Masters. She drank deeply from this nurture as she discovered easier pathways to self-mastery blessed by help from those beings of love and light. During this period, she travelled the world extensively, learning from acknowledged facilitators and channellers.

She also embarked on an intensive program for three years at a spiritual healing school acquiring varied skills in kinesiology, numerology, exploring amongst other modalities of healing, energy balances and the use of sacred symbols, crystals, spiritual rays and flower essences.

Her pursuit of healing led to her learning the Orion Healing Techniques direct from Vianna Stibal at her inaugural DNA I & II courses in Newcastle. She was thrilled to discover how much more ease and depth these processes could shift beliefs and create miraculous healings at gene level and beyond.

When Jill Marie Wood came to Australia with her innumerable profound processes and keys, the healing extended even deeper and wider, hastening the path to self-mastery. Susaan was privileged to learn direct from Jill and now facilitates courses in these remarkable techniques of the Serenity Vibration Healing® Technique.

I feel blesed to have been entrusted with these awesome life-transforming tools. Using techniques, shown to me by these two great healers and messengers of God, Vianna Stibal & Jill Wood, I feel deeply privileged to be able to heal many people, especially when dealing with issues of abundance, relationships, health, motivation etc. Many of my clients are amazed at the speed and simplicity of the healing process in transforming their lives.

I feel very heartened to see more doctors and healers enrolling in my courses, using these techniques for themselves as well as for their clients.

The greatest gift for me in this work is the alignment with my life purpose, to heal and empower others and myself in an environment of beauty and abundance with the support and involvement of my family. Most of the courses are held in my home on beautifully landscaped gardens on acreage in the Australian bush. I feel very blessed to have my husband of 32 years and my two children participating in nearly all the courses that I have undertaken and to see them benefit and blossom too.

I look forward to your joining us on this incredible journey Home.

If you are interested in DNA I & II, Theta Command, Serenity Vibration Healing®, Ascension Meditation classes, or personal consultation, ring Susaan Cheah on 02-4625-0035, fax, 02-4626-6800 or e-mail csusaan@bigpond.net.au


Susaan teaches in Australia and Malaysia.

Susaan's Kentlyn Garden


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