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Anne Asmus


Umina Beach,
New South Wales



"Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
Together, let us make it the best it can be."


I have been so blessed to have been a part of the Serenity Vibration Healing® & Enlightenment Technique family since its birth here in Australia in 2001.

Serenity has been a part of my life always enabling me to move with ease and grace through any situation or challenge that I have attracted or assisted to create.? Some situations have been very much a case of ?thank God for Serenity? for I have been able to stay afloat, with Love, in what I would describe as some very challenging days/weeks/months.

Early 2005, I was hospitalised in what was described as a life threatening situation. Before the Doctors were able to diagnose the cause, I was very aware of the situation I was in and I was able to remain in such a space of peace using my Serenity Tools. I was able to be so at peace with God?s Will and whether I stayed or left this life.

Throughout the seven weeks I was in hospital and in all that took place, a regularly occurring comment from Doctors, Nurses or other staff was about how peaceful I was. I regularly prayed Thank you God for Serenity and Jill Marie.

Serenity is in every breath I breathe.

As a certified Level 3 Practitioner and Teacher of Level 1, Perfecting the Tools and Level 2, I am delighted and honoured to be able to share these gifts with other magnificent souls who are in alignment to receive these amazing, transformational tools.

It is truly an honour and a privilege to assist and be witness to the changes and transformations my students continue to experience.

The Serenity Vibration Healing® & Enlightenment Technique is a magnificent beginning to infinite possibilities you have only to choose and working with God and this magnificent tool, your desires become manifest.


Some testimonials from Clients & Students.

"This is Cynthia - Firstly, your work with me has been a gift from Heaven, each time I left your Healing room I felt that nothing on this earth could touch me with out it being LOVE, I must say it tested me also to stay in that state, and as always your words of wisdom touched me at those times I most needed to hear them.. God spoke through you and still touches me today. You are always near me and I am Blessed to have you in my life. Many thanks for your knowledge and Wisdom and I will be seeing you again I'm sure as To feel that presence of the Angels is A JOY to behold.

Many? Blessings to you and I wish you Abundance and Prosperity"


"Anne is an amazingly insightful and teacher, healer and mentor. Anne has the innate ability to teach. Every class and course I have attended of Anne's unfolds with so much love and so many blessings. I always look forward to Anne's courses with so much anticipation. Anne is light of heart and light hearted. Anne has a beautiful calming, reassuring teaching manner.? Her classes are so balanced, well prepared and well presented."


"I always walk away from the sessions knowing that I have grown as a person, being aware of my limitations that were holding me back and understanding the power of my thoughts and actions. I wish that we could have some time of a check up system where over a timeframe we could catch up on the phone/email and see how life is unfolding. kind of an on track system. Although I state that I also feel that at any time I could ring Anne and tell her what is happening should I need too. Thank you for developing my life skills."


"Anne just keeps getting better and better... Anne is dedicated and intuitive, going after possibles that are not always obvious, that unlocks myriads of clearing potentials which accelerates healing, and restoration of oneness along your own personal being, leaving feeling of Gratitude & gratefulness in God and the Miracle of healing sessions, present not only in my personal life but in those of my family and Animals who are people too... The animals that are present in my life are testimonial representations of the Loving bonds through Gods healing, Grace and Love. Who are also full of gratitude for the sessions that they receive. I am grateful that Anne includes them within the family unit."


"As soon as I walked into my first class with Anne, I was helped to feel relaxed, at ease and reassured that it was okay to that way [nervous]. Anne presents all her courses with the greatest of integrity and confidence. Anne teaches you to be responsible for yourself and at the same time is always encouraging and very supportive throughout the course and even beyond if needed. Anne is always open to your questions and you feel comfortable in asking for help. Thanks to Anne's ongoing assistance through her teaching I am where I am today. Anne is a beautiful angel on earth and I am blessed to know her. The information presented to me in each class I have attended was put together in a very professional manner and easy to follow. Anne also gifts you with many extra tools and information she herself has put together besides the wonderful work from Jill Marie. Thanks Anne."


"I would like to recommend Anne as a teacher for Serenity because she teaches with Love & integrity, is always open for discoveries in class, listens to my questions and fulfils my needs as a student. Our classes have always maintained a high level of knowledge and learning, most importantly we have fun as well because Anne teaches with integrity."


I am excited to meet and reconnect with you and to share the many gifts of Serenity with you, either as a client or as a student or both.

When you wake up breathing, the day is already magnificent. Live, Love and ENJOY every moment of every day. You are so Blessed. I am Blessed.


With Heart-full Love,





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