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Sandra Mayor


Sandy Mayor

Woy Woy, New South Wales




Your Light is yours to use.
It awaits your expression and remembrance of it.
Remember that every time you turn on your Light…
it affects the energy of everyone and everything
that comes in contact with you.
The more you shine your Light in the spirit of peace and love,
the better you will feel, and the more you feel better,
the more that everything and everybody around you
responds in kind.


My journey started when I noticed a friend go through a remarkable transition after her marriage broke down. The change in her was significant since we'd last met and I was curious and excited to know what had lifted her spirits. She told me how she'd been working with a 'healing lady' named Janet and these sessions had helped her find resolution and joy in life. I asked her to arrange what would became a wonderfully fateful meeting.

During our sessions, Janet identified the ‘healer' within me and we worked together, I also became aware of my gifts. Gradually I knew why I was here and what path I would create. I became a practitioner then teacher of Orion Theta Healing and Spiritual Surgery.

When I heard of Jill Marie’s inaugural visit to Australia, I became inexplicably excited, every fiber of my being ‘knew’ that I was meant to be there – even though I had no concrete idea of what Jill Marie was bringing! Sound familiar…? My journey had already been fast and with the remarkable information Jill Marie provided, I sprang forward in quantum leaps of self-discovery and transformation… I had found an amazing key! One that enabled me to heal my broken heart, improve my health and eliminate medications. I dissolved many fear barriers including a fear of water, heights, winding roads (I’d survived a car accident in my teens where the car careened over a cliff). The list goes on… This was too good to keep to myself, it was time to let go of my fear of public speaking!

I completed the Teachers certification and found a passion and natural ability that continues to grow. It is an honour and a sacred trust to guide others in the use of the Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique, gently encouraging individuals to evolve on their own path of healing and enlightenment.

I am blessed beyond measure to have this extraordinary gift to share with my clients, students, friends and family. Many of the people who experience Serenity are amazed at the speed and simplicity of the healing process in transforming their lives. Serenity is unique and incomparable in a vast sea of effective and powerful modalities.

A shift in consciousness is upon this world and wonderfully, we can easily weave the Serenity tools into our normal day-to-day lives. It’s simply a choice to free ourselves from undesirable experiences and raise our vibrations past the point of physical, emotional and spiritual imbalance to high vibration states of being.

Serenity is so well named… accessing the divinity within and those around us is an exquisite experience that reverberates on and on.


  • SVH Level 1
  • Perfecting the Tools
  • SVH Level 2


There are several ways you can learn Serenity with me:


Are held in the comfort of my home, lovingly known as “the temple”, it’s a great place to learn. During class rest periods, you may relax and enjoy the native bush views, play with a myriad of healing tools including bells, Tibetan bowls, the sacred gong, essences, esoteric books and divination cards or perhaps choose peaceful solitude at a nearby park. Group sizes are intimate and wonderful friendships often forged as family of Light reunite.

Personal Tuition:

Serenity may be taught easily and effectively over the phone or via an Internet voice service. Offering you an opportunity to enjoy dedicated “one on one” tutoring of this blessed tool. The fee for personal tuition is reflected in the hours booked with a minimum of 12 hours required to achieve Level 1 Practitioner certification. A great option if you wish to save on travel and accommodation costs while allowing instruction to be at a pace and schedule fully tailored to suit your life.

Bring a class to your doorstep!

I will happily travel throughout the world to teach this transformational healing technique. Please contact me if you are interested in having a workshop in your local area or country.

In 2003, I presented the first Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique class in New Zealand. To my great joy, my visits have produced a growing number of practitioners and several teachers. I plan to continue touring with all levels of the technique. Enquires are welcome.

Channeling and Planetary Healing Circle:

Meeting on the first Friday of the month, a golden opportunity to awaken, explore and expand your gifts in a high vibration, supportive environment. This is a gathering of hearts performing powerful service for all.


I enjoy facilitating group healings often as a guest speaker for the Academy of Light. Such presentations may be arranged for your network for a nominal fee.

Sunday Sanctuaries:

Restore the essence of YOU – Perfect for anyone seeking relaxation and rejuvenation flavoured with the healing theme. Allow guided visualization to release your worries and pave the way for peace. Shift your perspective with healing and clearing profiles designed for the theme. Receive channeled guidance. Balance, tune and align your energy bodies, bathe is the sonic waves of silver bowls, bells and the sacred gong. There’s a new theme for each session: Balancing the Inner Child, Psychic enhancement, why are we here? Call and book your “space.”

Personal Sessions:

All Sessions are conducted from the safe and comfortable haven of my home or by telephone. Working by phone is as easy and effective as visiting in person.

You may expect an initial session of two hours where we will create a client profile, implement the Serenity Clearing and Shielding processes and individual healing protocols. Subsequent sessions are usually 1-1 ½ hours with many beautiful offerings tailored to your needs. You may choose to experience an Angelic Rebirth, work on Healing the Child Within, or manifesting something in your life by Anchoring the Energy Flow of Your Choices. Consider the effect of Genetic and Soul Lineage Clearing, Enlightenment activations and so much more…