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Jennifer Rayner


Aspley, Queensland

(07) 3862-9727




My Personal Journey

My journey of awareness and self-empowerment began over 30 years ago. Even as a child, I sensed I was different to the others, and longed to know the secrets of the universe. From a very early age I had an intense desire to help and nurture people.

To get to this point, I have experienced many ordeals, hardships and illnesses. My recovery from these was achieved not only through medical intervention, but through realising that the cause lay at a much deeper level - the emotional and spiritual level.

At the time, there were very few books or practitioners available to help me, and so I learned the greatest lesson of all - to still the conscious mind and go within and communicate with God.

I have been working as a Healer now for twenty years. During this time I have had the pleasure and privilege of seeing many people transform their lives and begin to fulfil their destinies.

Using Serenity Vibration Healing provides the additional tools to access and restructure DNA and transform core belief patterns. Without a doubt, I regard this work as the most significant and lifechanging work I have ever come across.

I acknowledge and celebrate my role as a ‘conduit’ and ‘transformer’ for the universal healing energies from the God Source.

My Serenity Healing Experiences

I have been blessed with the opportunity to assist thousands of individuals in their healing journey. This has covered a wide range of issues including those struggling to identify their life purpose, relationship issues, emotional and mental health issues and sexual and substance abuse. To see individuals recover from the depths of despair and reclaim their lives is a truly rewarding

If you are ready to make things different in your life..............
If you are willing to let go of old patterns and beliefs .................
If you are wanting to shed misconceptions about yourself.......
If you want to awaken your full potential.................
If all other avenues of healing have failed.........

I see my role as a healer to show you the opportunities available to you and to give you the tools to achieve your own destiny and fulfilment in mind, body and spirit.

I connect with each client energetically in order to provide a detailed and specific healing package tailored to your own individual requirements. Healing sessions are avaialble in person or via telephone. I am constantly amazed at the excellent results achieved through the phone sessions and the feedback I receive from satisfied clients.

During these exciting and amazing times of change on this planet, as part of the Serenity Team I have had the wonderful opportunity to travel to various Sacred Sites around the world to be a part of planetary healing. In the past 12 months, I have also been guided with many of the Serenity team to also do planetary healing in the Glasshouse Mountains, Queensland, Australia.


“Jennifer is my spiritual life coach! Her commitment to my physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing is unwavering. She plucked me from a dark space, where I was given little hope of survival and showed me who I really am and what I'm capable of. She has all the tools to change the way we think and respond to life's problems. She assists with healing the past, provides mechanisms for change and clears the way for an amazing journey of self discovery. Jennifer restored my faith and hope. I'll always be grateful to you." - Liz V., High Range, NSW.

“After my first session with Jenny, over a decade ago, I knew I was onto something sacred and amazing. With the help of Jenny and her Serenity healing and teaching methods, I have been able to shift and create a new spiritual awareness that has helped heal my body mind and soul (and continues to do so)Life is an amazing journey forever unfolding and changing, and with the help of my beautiful friend Jenny and SVH teachings I continue to grow , heal and learn along the way. I thank God for the gift of Jenny and all gifts that I receive through SVH.” - Noela M., Brisbane, QLD.

Contact me to book your appointment:

Australian residents: 07-3862-9727
International: +61-7-3862-9727

Learning Serenity

Learning Serenity is easy – all you need is an open mind, an open heart and the desire to help others. Classes are coducted in a relaxed, comfortable environment to assist your learning style.

I am certified to teach:

  • SVH Level 1
  • SVH Level 1 Mastery
  • SVH Level 2
  • SVH Animal Healing

Classes are held in different formats to suit your individual learning style and preferences:

Workshops Workshops are held in my home in Aspley, Brisbane or may be held in your location. Class sizes are small to facilitate easy learning. Minimum class numbers apply for workshops held outside of my home.

Individual Tuition For those who prefer individual tuition, this is available either at my home, or if you live in the Brisbane Metropolitan area, at your home.

Phone Tuition Phone classes are avaialble to suit your individual lifestyle and needs. A mininmum of 12 hours is necessary to fulfill the requirements for SVH Level 1. A comprehensive book is included for you to follow as we conduct the learning.


Jennifer Rayner

(07) 3862-9727



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