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When choosing to leap forward with your mastery.
SVH is your springboard.

SVH is a transformational leading edge personal empowerment tool that puts you in the diver’s seat. It allows you to define the realities you consciously choose to experience.  This modality works at the transcendent levels to reform foundations of limiting beliefs and perceptions that stop you from reaching your highest ideal.

It’s easy, fast, and efficient and can be implemented in an instant without directing your focus away from other important tasks at hand. Best of all, you don’t need to be clairaudient or clairsentient to use the tools, because you consciously direct them.

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to create more harmony in your life, to attract abundance, improve your golf swing or to heal broken relationships; SVH has versatile tools that identify the seeds and foundations of imbalance and reform them in an instant.

The key to success, personal empowerment and personal sovereignty can be achieved through an inner peace and stillness that can be found when mind chatter is stilled. The parameters of SVH are focused on sovereignty, autonomy and freedom from old paradigm realities that can energetically attract and perpetuate limiting experiences.

You may have suffered, but you don’t need to keep suffering.

This is how you can let the past go and create a new future that attracts abundance, harmony and honoring relationships.

The foundation for this modality is Quantum Level Reprogramming or QLR; a reformatting tool that energetically releases barriers and blocks that have seeded or built on old limiting beliefs and perceptions. QLR reformats genetic predispositions that have been activated into your reality, while releasing limiting alliances with unproductive belief systems.

QLR is a tool that helps to silence random inner dialog, freeing the quieted mind to form its creations in a focused clarity that supports rapid and even instant manifestation.

Imagine being able to focus your mind with laser-like precision as you direct creation energy to fuel the ideal realities you desire to create.

SVH is a system that can deliver all that and more!  It can be blended with your existing tools, or called upon as a stand-alone modality to affect rapid, lasting change.

Quite simply, SVH is the premier set of tools to master the mind.  It is the safest, most effective means for reformatting genetic and current life imbalance, as well as restoring harmony to the physical body and quieting the mind.

Because the Creator implements every facet of this active form of prayer, there is no integration period. You gracefully release millions of layers of limiting embedded formatting and your consciousness leaps.

To learn more about SVH and the master expansion it offers you, browse this site and visit the podcast and telecast section of the website where you can access free personal empowerment tools associated with many clearing topics, like blocks to abundance, aligning with your sacred path and purpose and more.

You can also review testimonials, opportunities for your personal expansion and a list of SVH practitioners and tele-course schedules.